Armed Venus, Jihad to see her.

Big time.

Armed Venus, Italian rock band produced by Ric Browde (Ted Nugent, Faster Pussycat, Poison), got two singles featured in the soundtrack of the movie Behaving Badly (USA, 2014).
What a better chance to unleash all the obsessions of the band and of yours truly.
The video premiered on Rolling Stone.

The book, the movie.

Ric Browde’s book, While I’m dead feed the dog, and the movie adaptation Behaving Badly.


The creative maelström:

The Garden of Eden, the witch hunt, the nuclear apocalypse and the Passion.


The production:

3 days of shooting, 6 months of post-production for the special FX and compositing (chroma key, match moving, 3D simulations, crowd replication).



Armed Venus, “Jihad To See Her”
Produced by Ric Browde

Camila Alves
Alberto Baraghini
Armed Venus (Fabio Pacino, Marco Zambrano, Luigi Pellegrino, Stefano Negroni, Emiliano Kurdi)

Directed by Nicola Crivellari
Director of photography: Alberto Marchiori
Set-design: Antonio Guiotto, Daniele Gobbin, Redframe Studios
Costume design: Diana Migliorato, YES Promotions
Make-up: Francesca De Amicis
Gaffer: Gianluca Cecconello
Editor: Nicola Crivellari
Compositor: Nicola Crivellari
3D simulations: Alessandro Barison
Colorist: Nicola Crivellari
Screenplay: Fabio Pacino, Marco Zambrano, Nicola Crivellari
Produced by Marco Zambrano
Executive producers: Marco Zambrano, Fabio Pacino, Louis Pellegrino


Of course we got ourselves an award: Best Music Video at the 20th Mediastars Awards (Milan).
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