Pasticceria Giotto

The delight video: the content designed to delight customers after sales.

Pasticceria Giotto is more than an Italian confectionery brand, well-known for its artisanal quality. It’s a cooperative society born with a social purpose: the recovery and rehabilitation of inmates of the Padua penitentiary. This unique project combines authentic values, the pursuit of excellence and the use of the most up-to-date communication strategies.

From customers to promoters: what is a delight video for?

The goal of such content is to maintain a relationship with customers who have already purchased the product. For Pasticceria Giotto’s panettone, the Italian typical Christmas cake, the video was planned to be distributed with a greeting card inside the package. The perfect delight solution to thank and wish a happy holiday to all the loyal customers.


The creative process: inspiration, concept, development.

The challenge in making this video was not to promote a product, but to convey the real emotions felt by the people (the staff and the inmates) working together in the bakery. The longing for home, for family… the confectioner’s job becomes a chance for the inmates to gain some personal money, and to help their family at home. The craft of baking the Christmas cake then becomes a way to reach out to the loved ones, despite being unable to leave the prison.



My role: script, production, direction.

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